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NEW for September 8th

7 Sep

Here are the things that we got made up this week.

I have a pile of Large and XL size collars and some scarves and rich made some climbing rope leashes.

I love the new purple collars.  The fabric looks really cool cut down to collar size!

Everything will be available on Saturday.


Riding Helmet Covers

29 Aug

I found a new pattern for helmet covers and I love it.  So I whipped out some diamond design covers for my riding team.  I think they came out pretty good.

I also made us up some tie dye t-shirts to switch things up a little.

Teammate Carol Ann

I have tons of other helmet cover designs rolling around in my head.  I just need to pick up some more spandex…

Teammates: Linda, Kim, Myself, Carol Ann

T-Shirt Bags

23 Jul

Last month we introduced these fun repurposed t-shirt bags.  They make fun shopping bags and are also easy to grab and throw a lunch or some goodies for the day into.  They have proved to be a very popular item, and priced at just $5 each are affordable!

Tie Dyes Underway

3 Jul

This weekend I tie dyed 48 bandannas and 25 onesies.  They have gone through the hold process, which is where the dye is allowed to sit on the fabric in a warm environment, and they are now ready to rinse out.  The rinse process, in short, involves washing out each item, and then running them through several washer/dryer cycles.  Unfortunately our power is still out from the wind storm we had on Friday so the washer and dryer are out of commission. 

As soon as the power is back on, Ill wash all of the bandannas and onesies out, and have the new items stocked and ready for purchase.    Yea! 

This was a relatively small dye batch.  And since the items I dyed were small, I did not need a large dying surface.  So I prepared a small set up.  If I were working with larger quantities or larger sized items, like adult sized t-shirts, I would have pulled out the large dye bed and grate instead of the bucket and small grate in the photo below.    

The Valley Fourth of July!

2 Jul

Cosmic Earth will be at the Valley Fourth this Wednesday.  I believe we will be set up on Court Square.  We are told that the entire day is dog friendly and that there will even be a ‘dog station’ near our stand.  We will have all of our regular stuff including a selection of Fourth of July dog scarves, collars and leashes.

Daisy Dog is planning to assist us in the stand for the day as a retail customer service dog. 

The event can be viewed on Facebook and on the events page at downtown Harrisonburg’s site.

Some New Collars For June

24 Jun

Just a few of our new collars.  We have so many different ones right now, we can’t fit one of each on the collar rack!  I think that is pretty exciting.


Martingale Collars

7 Jun

I made this martingale collar for a special order last week.  I like how it came out.

I have been asked several times about making greyhound collars.  This one is only 1 inch wide and a greyhound one would need to be 2 inches wide.

Since I made this one I have come up with a few slight modifications I would like to include and I think I might just order the supplies to give them a go later this summer.

Ill keep you posted.

(not the best photo work, sorry)

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