March – A Mid Week Update

29 Mar

I didn’t realize how much of a handicap not having an iron would be, but it sure did make me change gears a few times while I was working last night.  I had to put the produce bags, cat toys and dog scarves totally on hold.  Those all require ironing at some point in their creation or they will be sloppy and not up to acceptable standards.  Luckily I had some other items that were alreayd past the ironing phase I could work on. 

For those that have been asking, we will have a lot of small collars very soon.  I apparently forgot to order one of the pieces of hardware for them so that has put them on hold again.  I have ordered it now though and should have it sometime next week.  These will be made out of BioThane AND in the nylon and cotton printed style that we carry.  We should have them ready for the summer market opening next weekend on April 7th, fingers crossed.

Rich and  I and I worked on the BioThane collars, which luckily do not need any ironing, and will have a nice selection of colors in Large and XL this weekend.  I am pretty happy with how they are coming out.    So happy that I took some pictures of some of them last night to share.


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