Free Time Makes Me Lazy

28 Feb

We are starting back to the market this weekend, which is very exciting for us.  We have missed the hustle bustle of our usual Saturday and being able to chat with fellow market enthusiasts.  It is only Tuesday and I am already starting to work out the packing and preparations in my head, getting the process lined up and ready to implement.  I started the physical packing last night by putting the new line of dog toys I have been working on into a tote so they are ready to load into the truck. 

The last few weeks of lazy Saturday mornings have been enjoyable, but all that spare time and relaxation is just slowing me down.  I find I work better and get more done when I have less time to get lazy.  It’s a contagious state, one hour of being lazy leads to a second hour, and then before you know it you are waking up from a nap and its only noon. 

Going to the market every weekend, seeing my current stock and coming up with new ideas sparks me to rush home to my sewing room and spend the rest of my night working. 

It’s time to gear up and get moving again.  There’s gardens to plant and things to sew. 

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