The Iron Gave Up

28 Mar

Dog Scarves on display earlier this month

Our line of dog scarves is one of our popular items.  We make them in Small, Medium, Large and a few Extra Large.  We also make them in an array of designs.  We have a selection of sports team dog scarves including the local college UVA and VT teams, we have seasonal ones that fit with whatever upcoming holiday is around the corner, and we have fun and silly everyday designs as well. I was working on a large batch of new scarves this week, when my iron went ka-plunk.  I have had it for about 15 years and it was the cheapest one I could find when I got it, so its served its time honorably.  I have actually been wanting to get a new one but since it was still plugging away, I just couldn’t justify it.  Even with the dial missing, crack and a chunk of the plastic broken off.  

I did manage to get some of the batch complete before the iron gave up and they will be available this weekend.  I also l have an excessive selection of additional new designs to complete and add to the dog scarf baskets.  I’ll go iron shopping this weekend so they are complete in time for the spring opening of the summer market! 


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