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Riding Helmet Covers

29 Aug

I found a new pattern for helmet covers and I love it.  So I whipped out some diamond design covers for my riding team.  I think they came out pretty good.

I also made us up some tie dye t-shirts to switch things up a little.

Teammate Carol Ann

I have tons of other helmet cover designs rolling around in my head.  I just need to pick up some more spandex…

Teammates: Linda, Kim, Myself, Carol Ann


Fresh Tie Dyed Bandannas

11 Jul

Last week I finished up a batch of 48 new tie dyed bandannas.  WOO!

It was so hot at the market, that I decided to commander one for myself.  I soaked it in ice water and put it around my head, several times.  Sometimes I tied it so the wider wet was on top and sometimes I tied it so the wider wet part was under the back of my neck.  Either way, it felt great.  and I really like the dark royal purple and electric green together.  Fun.

They will be available at the market on Saturdays.

The one on the left in the front (purple and green) is the one pictured on my head, before I commandeered it .

Tie Dyes Underway

3 Jul

This weekend I tie dyed 48 bandannas and 25 onesies.  They have gone through the hold process, which is where the dye is allowed to sit on the fabric in a warm environment, and they are now ready to rinse out.  The rinse process, in short, involves washing out each item, and then running them through several washer/dryer cycles.  Unfortunately our power is still out from the wind storm we had on Friday so the washer and dryer are out of commission. 

As soon as the power is back on, Ill wash all of the bandannas and onesies out, and have the new items stocked and ready for purchase.    Yea! 

This was a relatively small dye batch.  And since the items I dyed were small, I did not need a large dying surface.  So I prepared a small set up.  If I were working with larger quantities or larger sized items, like adult sized t-shirts, I would have pulled out the large dye bed and grate instead of the bucket and small grate in the photo below.    

Our NEW Website!

13 Apr

Our old outdated website has been revamped and is fresh and up to date now! 
We have our friend, Adam, to thank for making this happen.
Click on this link and check it out.

It is also linked on the right hand side of this blog under “Cosmic Earth Links” for future visits.

If you happen to like our Friend Adam’s work on our new site (he also has extremely affordable web hosting) you can contact him at  He also redid our horse organization, Mounted Games Across America’s, website, recently. 


Wooo Hats!

14 Dec

They will keep your head feeling warm and looking cool. 

Have you checked out our knitted hats?  We have an assortment of them in a variety of color combinations.  Some are bright colors, some are earth tones, some are made out of thicker yarns and some are made out of thinner yarns, some are made for bigger heads and some for smaller heads.  Our hats are only $12/each

They made great gifts too!

Stained Glass

6 Dec

Here are some photos of the glass work Rich has been doing.  There is a limited supply at the moment.  Other than the necklaces, he has the feather ($10), pictured below, and the large piece.  The mountain scene was purchased this past weekend, THANK YOU!

You can see a close up of the necklaces two posts down on November 30th.

Glass display on December 3, 2011

The large piece is done in the ‘drunken path’ pattern.  The sun was casting through it beautifully this weekend.  I think the wooden frame really sets it off.  It’s a nice piece and would make a wonderful gift.  It is also affordably priced at $60. 

**I noticed, in this photo it appears to have some cracking in the bottom half.  This is not the case, but is simply the texture of the glass reflecting the light. 

Drunken Path in royal and red


Stained Glass Necklaces

30 Nov

Rich has been working with stained glass.  He has a large wood framed piece he did in the “drunken path” pattern.  He also has an inexpensive feather and a small mountain that would look great in a window. 

This week he also made up some stained glass necklaces.  We premiered these today at the JMU’s Artisan’s Bazaar and will have them available at the Market starting this weekend.  They are $10 each and come on an elegant ribbon. 

I took a photo of them today, although it doesn’t have the best lighting, I am happy to post it below. 

Stained Glass Necklaces

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