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NEW for September 8th

7 Sep

Here are the things that we got made up this week.

I have a pile of Large and XL size collars and some scarves and rich made some climbing rope leashes.

I love the new purple collars.  The fabric looks really cool cut down to collar size!

Everything will be available on Saturday.


Custom Collars For Saturday

5 Jul

Yea, we have electricity back! 

And dang, with the lights back on, it’s really obvious how messy and dirty our house got over the past week.  Eeek! 

But I am going to try and struggle through as much mess as I can, so I can get some of the customer orders ready for pick up this Saturday at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market. 

No promises, but I’ll do my best to get those done tonight and tomorrow night.

Our NEW Website!

13 Apr

Our old outdated website has been revamped and is fresh and up to date now! 
We have our friend, Adam, to thank for making this happen.
Click on this link and check it out.

It is also linked on the right hand side of this blog under “Cosmic Earth Links” for future visits.

If you happen to like our Friend Adam’s work on our new site (he also has extremely affordable web hosting) you can contact him at  He also redid our horse organization, Mounted Games Across America’s, website, recently. 


Now Accepting Credit Cards!

30 Mar

I am excited to report that we will now be accepting Credit and Debit Card payments at the market.

There is this nifty app and device that can be used in conjunction with smartphones.  We got our device for free from and I linked it to our Comic Earth bank account.  Now if someone wants to pay for their purchases with a credit or debit card, we plug the nifty little device into our phone and swipe their card through it.    We then punch in their payment amount and they confirm and sign using their finger on our phone’s screen.  The payment is then transferred to our Cosmic Earth bank account and deposited.

Pretty neat.

Square up stock photo

The New Dog Collar Display

26 Mar

We premiered our new dog collar display this past Saturday at the market.  I think it looks great.  It also did a fantastic job of adequately holding a large amount of collars (approximately 60 total with room to spare).   

I am still working on the size small collars so I put the medium ones on the bottom rung and split the large collars between the two middle rungs. 

I wasn’t too sure of what to do with the leashes.  They are on a bar that used to attach to the old collar rack to hold them up.  so I laid them on the table like in the photo above.  I ended up liking this means of display better.  The image below is of the old collar rack with the leash display attached to it. 

and some more photos of the collars on display.

First Market of 2012

5 Mar

The pet items table

It was a great first day back to the market.  It was pretty warm for the beginning of March, the sun made a few appearances and even though it is the start of JMU spring break, the market goers were out enjoying the day. 

Sadly, Rich was home, feeling a bit under the weather, but I was happy to set up in our new space for the year, stall #11.  This puts us about midway up the parking lot side of the venue, closest to the street, smack between Pam Green’s goat cheese and Mountain View’s cow cheese.   

Our Cosmic "display pony" hard at work

I was happy to introduce the new line of dog toys I have been working on, showcasing a full table of all pet items, including St. Patties dog scarves!  The new items proved to be just as popular as the returning items!  I was also reminded again that the dog collar rack is way too small, and hopefully Rich can construct a new one that will accommodate a much larger selection.  Hopefully that can be completed before next weekend because I did spend some time Sunday fashioning more collars, and they will not all fit on the current rack! 

I can’t help but be impatient for some of the other new items that we have in the works to be ready for the market.  I spent quite a bit of time rearranging the stand in my mind to suit the future additions.  Visualizing a new feng shui for the stand is a typical market past time.  It’s good to be inspired and geared back up! 

Here are some images from this Saturday. 

Return to Market

1 Mar

Announcing: The anticipated return of Cosmic Earth to the Harrisonburg Farmers Market is slated to take place this very Saturday, the 3rd of March.

I expect dogs across Hburg to be cheering, as they can now be adorned with a new St Patties or spring themed scarf and maybe talk their person into getting them a new toy too.    

Stated more bluntly, we have added new dog scarves to the selection and also have a hefty variety of dog toys newly added to the inventory.

New collars and leashes will also be available. 

Our human customers will also find that we are still stocked with our one of a kind skirts, cloth produce bags, tie dyed children and baby clothes, and an outstanding selection of tote and handbags in a range of sizes and designs. 

I suspect that we have a few other items in our inventory, but I am so giddy over starting back to the market that I can’t think clearly enough to name them!  I guess you will just have to swing by and check out the stand for yourself this Saturday! 

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