NEW Nylon Netted Produce Bags

10 Jul

The pink one holds cilantro and the green one holds squash.

One of the projects I worked on this Sunday was a new line of ultra light weight nylon netted produce bags.  These are some neat little bags. The netting is tight enough to keep the produce from poking through but loose enough to allow a lot of air circulation for your veggies to breath.  They are small, but you can comfortably fit a lot more than you would think.  They are also super light weight and will practically add no weight to the scale.

This is a trial product for us.  So I only prepared a small-ish selection of size small bags.  If they do well then I will invest in the materials to carry a larger selection of sizes.

The size small bags we have currently available are excellent for herbs, mushrooms, small amounts of large produce like peaches, squash and tomatoes.

These bags are great for picking up produce at the market, or grocery store in place of plastic bags.  They are also better for storage than plastic bags because they allow your produce to breath.

They are easy to wash off in the sink, dry quickly and fold down to a minimal size for between use, try one of our colorful Nylon Netted Produce Bags.



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