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T-Shirt Skirts

17 Jul

One of my new sewing adventures is fashioning skirts out of used t-shirts.  I have made three so far, and I have a couple more laying out waiting to be pieced together.  Very exciting.

This is the first one I made.  The front if from a t-shirt I got when I vended at the Richmond, Virginia Vegetarian Festival a few years ago.  It is hard to see in the photo, but there is an earth with animals ringing it, holding hands.

This is the back of it.  The colors really popped at me.

The skirt has a very wide elastic waist band and hangs to about knee length.

This is the third skirt I made.  I call it the Ben Harper Booty Skirt.

This is the front.

and this is the back.

It has a super wide elastic waist band and is truly a booty skirt.



Kid’s T-shirt Close Out

12 Jul

We have our kids tie dyed t-shirts on close out sale.  Buy the first one for $10 and any additional kids shirts are $5 each.  We will no longer be making kid’s shirts, so once these are gone they are gone.

We have a good selection of 2/3T and 3/4T left but the Small, Medium and Large ones are getting picked over.  We do have a bunch of polo style collared kids shirts left in the S-L range though that are also part of the super sale.

*This sale does NOT include tie dyed onsies.  We will continue to carry onsies and they are still priced at $10/each.

60 Dog Collars in Production

7 Mar

This is what 60 dog collars in production looks like.

I just need to add the buckles and they are ready to go! 

And close up!


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