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NEW for September 8th

7 Sep

Here are the things that we got made up this week.

I have a pile of Large and XL size collars and some scarves and rich made some climbing rope leashes.

I love the new purple collars.  The fabric looks really cool cut down to collar size!

Everything will be available on Saturday.


Sewing Happens

31 Aug

When working on things to sell, I do a lot of my sewing in batches.  I start out by cutting a whole lot of one thing out.  Then I sew them all.  then I iron, then I finish the sewing, etc.  Whatever steps the project requires, a whole batch gets done at a time.  This is much more efficient, particularly when I am changing thread colors, needle types, and moving from cutting table, sewing machine, ironing station, any maybe surging machine too.

The other night I worked on a batch of dog scarves.  This photo is of the floor in front of my cutting table.  Gee, can you tell that I am working on some football season and fall designs?

A Few Custom Collars

30 Aug

A green a purple for the new puppy Cooper and a raspberry and orange one for Nikki.

A custom Steelers Martingale Collar.

Daisy’s Dog Bed

6 Aug

Daisy goes most places with me, including riding competitions where we camp for the weekend.  She had her own little dog bed that she was happy with in previous years but this year she has decided it does not cut it and she tries to squish her body onto my narrow camp bed.  Which is fine when its cold out, but in the heat of the summer, I want less hot furry dog body touching me while we sleep.

So I made Daisy her own brand new travel bad.  It is constructed out of thick 3 inch foam, so she has plenty of cushion from the ground, and insulation for when it is cold out.  Its super long so she can stretch out as much as she wants and still be comfortably on the bed, and it folds in half and snaps closed for travel.  I also put on a handle for easy transport and a zipper so the cover can be pulled off for easy cleaning.

We get to try it out this weekend too!


*I do not plan on making dog bed for sale.  This was a fun one time project that I thought I would share. 

New Fabric!

4 Aug

I picked up some new fabric last weekend and finally got to messing around with what I picked up for dog collars and scarves.  I took this photo before I started cutting it up. I picked up some more pirate, monsters and lady bugs since they flew off the racks.

I am really excited about the purple swirly one on the top left and the green snakes.  The mustache ones on the bottom left is going to be fun.  The mushrooms, owls, and tiny little skulls are cool too.  Heck its all cool!

Display Dogs

13 Jul

For the past two years we have been using an old Cabbage Patch stuffed pony as our “display pony” and have him outfitted with a collar and dog scarf.  He stands on the table between the two collar racks and proudly displays how the scarves look on his fine stuffed pony neck.

Recently I ran across a new display stuffed animal, this time a dog.  So I added him to the stand outfitted in a size small collar and scarf.  I think he looks pretty snazzy too.

Available Dog Collars ~ July 7, 2012

9 Jul

Here are the collars that are currently available.

Size XLarge

Size Large

Medium Collars

And I apparently got distracted and forgot to take photos of the size SMALL collars.  Oops.

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