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Tune Up Time

13 Jun

Once or twice a year I get my trusty sewing machine tuned up.  I am pretty good at putting it off as long as I can, but it’s a necessity to keep my stitches tight and professional.

Last week I took my machine to Valley Tool Repair, in Spring Creek.  Its a neat little spot in the middle of nowhere, with an old mill type of thing across the street and it stands next to a small quilt shop, Spring Creek Fabrics.

I spent the week my machine was getting the much needed TLC wanting to do nothing more than sew.  Figures.

A week later, and my Viking is hooked back up and purring away.  Last night I finished up some of the ‘projects in process’ (which is a never ending pile) with a smile on my face and Jeopardy in the background.


Free Time Makes Me Lazy

28 Feb

We are starting back to the market this weekend, which is very exciting for us.  We have missed the hustle bustle of our usual Saturday and being able to chat with fellow market enthusiasts.  It is only Tuesday and I am already starting to work out the packing and preparations in my head, getting the process lined up and ready to implement.  I started the physical packing last night by putting the new line of dog toys I have been working on into a tote so they are ready to load into the truck. 

The last few weeks of lazy Saturday mornings have been enjoyable, but all that spare time and relaxation is just slowing me down.  I find I work better and get more done when I have less time to get lazy.  It’s a contagious state, one hour of being lazy leads to a second hour, and then before you know it you are waking up from a nap and its only noon. 

Going to the market every weekend, seeing my current stock and coming up with new ideas sparks me to rush home to my sewing room and spend the rest of my night working. 

It’s time to gear up and get moving again.  There’s gardens to plant and things to sew. 


27 Feb

A fellow vendor friend sent us this comic.  Enjoy.

Etsy Listings

30 Jan

I have found putting things on Etsy to be time consuming.  You have to take the photos, and they have to look good, and then you have to take the time to write up a description, and load it all onto the site.  When I have done this previously it seemed like the items I listed on Etsy were the first ones to sell the next week at the market, and then I ended up taking the items I spent so much time putting onto Etsy, back off. 

But since we have another month off from the market I decided to give it a try and I listed a few items over the weekend.  I am semi happy with the photos, I must have inadvertently had the camera on a weird setting, although I thought I checked that, because some of the photos came out in a lower quality than I would have liked.  Maybe I should triple check the camera settings next time!

Here is a link to our Etsy shop if you are interested in admiring my hard work.  There is also a link on the side bar.

Daisy does love to model, she has no problem having collars swapped on and off and she seems to strike a lot of poses all on her own.  Here is a selection of photos of Daisy getting her catwalk on, and Rich and I trying to capture the quality and originality of some of our pet line items. 

Taking Time Off

11 Jan

The market was closed New Years Eve, and we opted to take off January and February so we would have time to recoup and work on stocking up our stand. That means that this coming Saturday will be our third Saturday in a row that we have not spent at the market.

And we miss it.

Yeah, it’s great to be able to have a leisurely Saturday morning to sip some coffee, make some breakfast and play on the computer. Having the option to run some errands and maybe get some house work done or watch a movie is amazing. And it’s great not having to get bundled up in thermal layers and then go stand around outside for a few hours trying to keep warm. You know that little, foot to foot, must keep the blood flowing to keep warm, but I can’t leave this 3 foot by 3 foot space in my stand dance? It’s very similar to the bathroom dance. It’s pretty nifty not having to do that on Saturdays, and still be able to feel our toes.

But the market is not just a source of income for us, it’s also a part of our life, where we see friends and do a little shopping. We spend our market time hanging around with diversely-likeminded farmers and crafters and talk about exciting topics like the weather and whose planting what. We are on closer terms with some fellow vendors and market goers and we catch up on each other’s week’s events, talking excitedly about new craft projects and bouncing fresh ideas off of each other. It’s the main, and usually the only, social event in our weekly planner.

And if we miss too many cold month markets, what are we going to do with the economy sized box of Hot Feet warming inserts we have?

Christmas Eve Bonus Market

Winter Break

4 Jan

We want to thank all of our customers and supporters for helping make 2011 a successful year.  It was a good one, and 2012 will be even better! 

Rich and I are looking forward to a little time off from the market this winter.  We plan to spend it resting, having fun and also working to stock up the stand.  I have visions of dozens of spare totes filled to capacity with back stock, but we will see how close to that reality actually takes us. 

 We are still taking mail orders for dog gear, with a  1-2 day turn around.  And although the Harrisonburg Farmers Market stays operational all winter long, Cosmic Earth will not be there in January or February.  Look for us back every Saturday, starting early this spring, with a fully stocked stand. 

 Happy winter and stay warm! 

Rich hanging up the sign at the last market in 2011


2 Oct

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