New Dog Toys

31 Jan

I decided to make a new line of dog toys.  We already have some ball and rope type of toys which are an Ash Dog favorite.  But we are sold out of the old plush toys we used to make.  Daisy Dog loves plush toys, so I decided to go in that direction and start a new plush squeak toy line in bright colors and fun shapes.  I constructed them out of a heavy duck cotton, and they are mostly sized for a medium or large dog with a few smaller ones. 

I was feeling very “orange” when I started working on them and I made a bunch in the shape of carrots.  I really like how they came out.  I gave Daisy one to test out and she really likes it, the green carrot top in particular.  Score! 

Next I made up some fish.  I thought these would be fun because the fins and bodies could be in different shapes and I liked being able to contrast the different colors.  I gave Daisy one of these too and she really enjoyed it.  Daisy plays so nice on her own.  She likes to toss her toys into the air and catch them, and this fish was no exception.  Later, Ash took the fish from her and also had a grand time with it. 

I made a few other random shapes including a sun, a pumpkin and a horse but I kept going back to the carrot and the fish.  The fish in particular.  So much fun! 

I have a few more ideas and some other materials I want to work with too.  I hope to get on that this weekend and am looking forward to expanding the Cosmic Earth pet line some more. 


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