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Stepping Stones

15 Mar

We have a fence up to keep the dogs in the yard and a second fence up that keeps the dogs out of the garden. 

We do not have real gates on the fences.  They are just the end of the fence secured close with a snap.  So they are a bit of a pain to open and close repeatedly.  Not to mention keeping the dogs in the appropriate section while you go through. 

Since we go in and out a lot Rich made us stepping stones to step over the fences.  Nothing fancy, just cinder blocks on either side.  We might need to stack up a second stone though, as with the way they currently are, I can just barely step over. 

Nothing exciting, just a little peek inside of our garden.

From the garden to the hose

From the dog yard to the garden


From the yard to the horse trailer parking


Harrisonburg Area Garden Tilling for Hire

13 Mar

Do you need your garden tilled? 

Rich is available for hire.  He will bring his BCS garden tractor and leave you with a nice fluffy garden. 

each approximate 10X10 space or each 40ft row = $20

Rich will also weed your garden, help you with planting and other odd jobs.  Give him a ring to discuss.

$20 Minimum.  Plus a little for gas. 

Call Rich 540-220-5738

First sweep through the dirt

First sweep through the dirt

Hello. Wildflowers, garlic scapes, young squash.

9 Jun

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Helix EcoMower (Reel Mower)

3 May

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The mover works well so far, seams sturdy. Definitely a workout pushing this around. You almost have to cut the grass more often, because the reel mowers will not cut tall grass well. Overall 7 out of 10.

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