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Martingale Collars

7 Jun

I made this martingale collar for a special order last week.  I like how it came out.

I have been asked several times about making greyhound collars.  This one is only 1 inch wide and a greyhound one would need to be 2 inches wide.

Since I made this one I have come up with a few slight modifications I would like to include and I think I might just order the supplies to give them a go later this summer.

Ill keep you posted.

(not the best photo work, sorry)


Small Dog Collars

5 Apr

I finally got the first batch of SMALL dog collars finished. Yay!

They are designed in the same manner as our other collars, with nylon strapping for a base and with a cotton design sewn on top, complete with a plastic buckle and adjustable slide and a metal D ring.

The strapping for the new collars is ¾ inch wide vs 1 inch.

I made some in the new Small size and I also made some in Medium. We have been carrying Medium collars in the 1 inch strap. These new ¾ inch ones will be excellent on daintier dogs!

Stop by our stand in stall #11 at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market and check them out!

The New Dog Collar Display

26 Mar

We premiered our new dog collar display this past Saturday at the market.  I think it looks great.  It also did a fantastic job of adequately holding a large amount of collars (approximately 60 total with room to spare).   

I am still working on the size small collars so I put the medium ones on the bottom rung and split the large collars between the two middle rungs. 

I wasn’t too sure of what to do with the leashes.  They are on a bar that used to attach to the old collar rack to hold them up.  so I laid them on the table like in the photo above.  I ended up liking this means of display better.  The image below is of the old collar rack with the leash display attached to it. 

and some more photos of the collars on display.

Etsy Listings

30 Jan

I have found putting things on Etsy to be time consuming.  You have to take the photos, and they have to look good, and then you have to take the time to write up a description, and load it all onto the site.  When I have done this previously it seemed like the items I listed on Etsy were the first ones to sell the next week at the market, and then I ended up taking the items I spent so much time putting onto Etsy, back off. 

But since we have another month off from the market I decided to give it a try and I listed a few items over the weekend.  I am semi happy with the photos, I must have inadvertently had the camera on a weird setting, although I thought I checked that, because some of the photos came out in a lower quality than I would have liked.  Maybe I should triple check the camera settings next time!

Here is a link to our Etsy shop if you are interested in admiring my hard work.  There is also a link on the side bar.  http://www.etsy.com/shop/Kristashine?ref=seller_info

Daisy does love to model, she has no problem having collars swapped on and off and she seems to strike a lot of poses all on her own.  Here is a selection of photos of Daisy getting her catwalk on, and Rich and I trying to capture the quality and originality of some of our pet line items. 

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