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NEW for September 8th

7 Sep

Here are the things that we got made up this week.

I have a pile of Large and XL size collars and some scarves and rich made some climbing rope leashes.

I love the new purple collars.  The fabric looks really cool cut down to collar size!

Everything will be available on Saturday.


Small Dog Collars

5 Apr

I finally got the first batch of SMALL dog collars finished. Yay!

They are designed in the same manner as our other collars, with nylon strapping for a base and with a cotton design sewn on top, complete with a plastic buckle and adjustable slide and a metal D ring.

The strapping for the new collars is ¾ inch wide vs 1 inch.

I made some in the new Small size and I also made some in Medium. We have been carrying Medium collars in the 1 inch strap. These new ¾ inch ones will be excellent on daintier dogs!

Stop by our stand in stall #11 at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market and check them out!

Now Accepting Credit Cards!

30 Mar

I am excited to report that we will now be accepting Credit and Debit Card payments at the market.

There is this nifty app and device that can be used in conjunction with smartphones.  We got our device for free from Squareup.com and I linked it to our Comic Earth bank account.  Now if someone wants to pay for their purchases with a credit or debit card, we plug the nifty little device into our phone and swipe their card through it.    We then punch in their payment amount and they confirm and sign using their finger on our phone’s screen.  The payment is then transferred to our Cosmic Earth bank account and deposited.

Pretty neat.

Square up stock photo

March – A Mid Week Update

29 Mar

I didn’t realize how much of a handicap not having an iron would be, but it sure did make me change gears a few times while I was working last night.  I had to put the produce bags, cat toys and dog scarves totally on hold.  Those all require ironing at some point in their creation or they will be sloppy and not up to acceptable standards.  Luckily I had some other items that were alreayd past the ironing phase I could work on. 

For those that have been asking, we will have a lot of small collars very soon.  I apparently forgot to order one of the pieces of hardware for them so that has put them on hold again.  I have ordered it now though and should have it sometime next week.  These will be made out of BioThane AND in the nylon and cotton printed style that we carry.  We should have them ready for the summer market opening next weekend on April 7th, fingers crossed.

Rich and  I and I worked on the BioThane collars, which luckily do not need any ironing, and will have a nice selection of colors in Large and XL this weekend.  I am pretty happy with how they are coming out.    So happy that I took some pictures of some of them last night to share.

The Iron Gave Up

28 Mar

Dog Scarves on display earlier this month

Our line of dog scarves is one of our popular items.  We make them in Small, Medium, Large and a few Extra Large.  We also make them in an array of designs.  We have a selection of sports team dog scarves including the local college UVA and VT teams, we have seasonal ones that fit with whatever upcoming holiday is around the corner, and we have fun and silly everyday designs as well. I was working on a large batch of new scarves this week, when my iron went ka-plunk.  I have had it for about 15 years and it was the cheapest one I could find when I got it, so its served its time honorably.  I have actually been wanting to get a new one but since it was still plugging away, I just couldn’t justify it.  Even with the dial missing, crack and a chunk of the plastic broken off.  

I did manage to get some of the batch complete before the iron gave up and they will be available this weekend.  I also l have an excessive selection of additional new designs to complete and add to the dog scarf baskets.  I’ll go iron shopping this weekend so they are complete in time for the spring opening of the summer market! 

The New Dog Collar Display

26 Mar

We premiered our new dog collar display this past Saturday at the market.  I think it looks great.  It also did a fantastic job of adequately holding a large amount of collars (approximately 60 total with room to spare).   

I am still working on the size small collars so I put the medium ones on the bottom rung and split the large collars between the two middle rungs. 

I wasn’t too sure of what to do with the leashes.  They are on a bar that used to attach to the old collar rack to hold them up.  so I laid them on the table like in the photo above.  I ended up liking this means of display better.  The image below is of the old collar rack with the leash display attached to it. 

and some more photos of the collars on display.

How Will it Fit into the Truck?

20 Mar

Rich finished making the new dog collar rack and we put all of the collars onto it last night.  It looks fantastic. 

I am excited to have it on display this weekend.  Its going to take up a lot more of the table, but make it much more pleasing to browse the selection of collars it holds. 

I am a little concerned about fitting it into the truck though… hum.

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