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Taking Time Off

11 Jan

The market was closed New Years Eve, and we opted to take off January and February so we would have time to recoup and work on stocking up our stand. That means that this coming Saturday will be our third Saturday in a row that we have not spent at the market.

And we miss it.

Yeah, it’s great to be able to have a leisurely Saturday morning to sip some coffee, make some breakfast and play on the computer. Having the option to run some errands and maybe get some house work done or watch a movie is amazing. And it’s great not having to get bundled up in thermal layers and then go stand around outside for a few hours trying to keep warm. You know that little, foot to foot, must keep the blood flowing to keep warm, but I can’t leave this 3 foot by 3 foot space in my stand dance? It’s very similar to the bathroom dance. It’s pretty nifty not having to do that on Saturdays, and still be able to feel our toes.

But the market is not just a source of income for us, it’s also a part of our life, where we see friends and do a little shopping. We spend our market time hanging around with diversely-likeminded farmers and crafters and talk about exciting topics like the weather and whose planting what. We are on closer terms with some fellow vendors and market goers and we catch up on each other’s week’s events, talking excitedly about new craft projects and bouncing fresh ideas off of each other. It’s the main, and usually the only, social event in our weekly planner.

And if we miss too many cold month markets, what are we going to do with the economy sized box of Hot Feet warming inserts we have?

Christmas Eve Bonus Market

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