Return to Market

1 Mar

Announcing: The anticipated return of Cosmic Earth to the Harrisonburg Farmers Market is slated to take place this very Saturday, the 3rd of March.

I expect dogs across Hburg to be cheering, as they can now be adorned with a new St Patties or spring themed scarf and maybe talk their person into getting them a new toy too.    

Stated more bluntly, we have added new dog scarves to the selection and also have a hefty variety of dog toys newly added to the inventory.

New collars and leashes will also be available. 

Our human customers will also find that we are still stocked with our one of a kind skirts, cloth produce bags, tie dyed children and baby clothes, and an outstanding selection of tote and handbags in a range of sizes and designs. 

I suspect that we have a few other items in our inventory, but I am so giddy over starting back to the market that I can’t think clearly enough to name them!  I guess you will just have to swing by and check out the stand for yourself this Saturday! 

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