Cosmic Collars and Leashes

12 Dec

We have a fun line of original Cosmic Earth pet items. 

This includes a large collection of dog scarves, a newly reinvented line of dog toys, and an array of collars and leashes.  

Some of our pet items on display at the Farmers Market


some of our leashes on display

Our leashes are available in a large range of lengths.  One of our popular designs, that we dub The Market Leash, is just over a foot long, making it the ideal leash for taking your K9 friend to busy areas.  It is perfect for city sidewalks, festivals, crowded outdoor events and shopping trips to your local farmers market!  It helps you, as the handler, keep your dog in close proximity, preventing your dog from getting tangled up among other pets and people as well as tables and stands.  This also helps eliminate some of the stress your dog is facing. 

The Market Leash is also a helpful training device for teaching the new-to-leash dog to stay at your side.  It eliminates the excess leash that often becomes cumbersome and is easily tangled around the dog, your bags and yourself. 

Our leashes come in an array of designs with a variety of clip styles.  Many are made out of the same 1 inch weather resistant webbing we make our collars out of with fun fabric designs stitched on top.  We often have collars available to match our leashes!


A also have a selection of climbing rope leashes.  These are made out of new, never used climbing rope, strong enough to hold any pet in check.  All of the materials for our climbing leashes are proudly made in the USA! 

Our Cosmic Collars come in sizes Medium, Large and Extra Large.  All are fashioned out of 1 inch wide weather resistant strapping, topped with a decorative fabric and finished with durable plastic buckles and a metal D ring for clipping on an ID and leash.  Our collars are durable, and made for fun and fashionable everyday wear.  We have festive designs that cover a range of colors to suit the personality of all types of dogs.  The Medium and Large collars are reasonably priced at $10/each and the XLarge ones are available for $12. 

We also have a selection of martingale collars.  They are constructed out of 3/4inch weather resistant strapping with fun fabric sewn on top.  They have a metal ring at each end and a piece of strap that draws through, ending in a ring for clipping a leash to.  The design allows the user to slip it over the dogs head when its time to go on a walk.  While it has the ability to tighten when the dog pulls, the metal rings prevent the collar from over tightening.  Our martingale collars are available for the low cost of $8/each.

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